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Highway in the Sky Bolo Bracelet


Rose Gold
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Our Highway in the Sky Bolo Bracelet has been created in hypoallergenic .925 Sterling Silver coated in 14k gold and is available in your choice of metal color finishes. This bracelet design is easily adjustable in size by using the disk mechanism to pull up or down. The bracelet has a slight curve so it will lay on the wrist comfortably. This intricately detailed piece was designed to be dainty enough for a touch of every day magic in or out of the parks.

*Note: It is normal for the disk mechanism to be stiff at first and will get slightly looser with time when broken in*

Customer Reviews

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Brittney D.
Great new addition to the shop!

I love that you guys started making bracelets, especially this type!! I don’t fit in most bracelets because I have smaller wrists, most bracelets slide off, so the fact you can tighten this is great. Also nice if I put on weight in the future (I hope not! 🤣), I’ll still be able to wear it. It was a little difficult to adjust the little slider at first, I didn’t really like that, but I realized after wearing it a bit, that was for the best so it doesn’t loosen! I have another bracelet like this that’s easy to slide but I also find I’m constantly tightening it the whole day I wear it. This also doesn’t have obnoxiously large sized ends/pulls like my other one so I don’t have little weights hitting my wrist or putting my wrist down to type and it pushing into my wrist and hurting, they’re small and the perfect size 😊 Great job designing, ladies!!