Care Instructions - Ears

Your made to order products are made by hand so please remember to handle them with care. We do not suggest getting them wet or letting them sit in the direct sun. Please use care when putting them in and pulling them out of bags whether it be while traveling or in the parks. Remember they are handmade and handle them with love!



Care Instructions - Jewelry

Your necklace will include a suede micro fiber cleaning cloth for cleaning.

-Avoid contact with perfume, body lotions, hair sprays or other chemicals
-Remove your jewelry before going to bed
-Remove jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming 
-Remove jewelry when participating in physical activities which may cause perspiration
-Store your jewelry separately in an air-tight jewelry box
-Keep your jewelry clean and shiny by wiping with the provided micro fiber cleaning cloth

Please remember that exposure to moisture will affect the finish of your jewelry. Additionally, It is natural that over time the finish may fade in color however, following the provided guideline will help extend the beauty of your magical item!