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Ear & Headband Opening Guide

There will be two shop openings per month for Ears & Headbands. The available design selection will vary for each opening. Available styles will be announced at least one week prior to an opening.


What you need to know:

  • There will be a preview on our website a day before the opening
  • Items will only be available during the opening window
  • If an item sells out it will not restock during that Opening
  • All Ears/Headbands will have a 3 week turnaround time
  • Discount codes will work unless specified otherwise
  • New items will also be available during Openings
  • Limited "Special Spots" will be available each Opening


What is a Special Spot and how do I purchase one?

  • A Special Spot can be used if you are looking to purchase an item not listed during an opening
  • Only current TPP designs can be requested *Remember.. these are not for custom orders*
  • Discount codes will NOT apply on Special Spot purchases
  • A Special Spot is used to purchase one item. If you are looking for multiple items you will need to purchase multiple Special Spots
  • Each spot is $5
  • Once you've purchased a Special Spot, send an email to hello@twoparkprincesses.com within 24hrs of placing your order. Please include the order number and requested design. *Instagram DM or notes in the notes section of your order will not be accepted*
  • If we do not hear from you within 24hrs after placing your order we will reach out to you
  • If we do not receive a response within 24hrs the order will be refunded and canceled
  • Once we have confirmed your request we will send an invoice for the remaining amount due on the order
  • Customer will have 24hrs to pay the invoice
  • If the invoice is not paid the order will be canceled and refunded
  • All Special Spots will have a 3 week turnaround time


Please Note

  • Jewelry and other ready to ship items will always be available in our shop
  • Jewelry launches will be planned around Ear/Headband Openings
  • Upcoming Openings will be listed on our website and in our Instagram Bio
  • When purchasing, using Shop Pay will be the fastest way to checkout. Typing in any string of numbers (credit, debit or gift card) will always slow down the checkout process.
  • Just because an item is in your cart does not mean it is yours. The item can still sell out while you are completing the checkout process.


Examples of items that can be requested by purchasing a Special Spot (if not available during an opening) :